How are the age brackets determined?

Age brackets are determined by the players’ age on July 31st of that years Fall season.
Example:  If your player will turn 6 on August 15th, they would play Under 6 as they are still “Under 6” as of July 31st.  If your player turned 6 on July 15th, they would play Under 8 as they are not “Under 6” as of July 31st.  The same is true for all age groups.

What age brackets are available?

We offer both boys and girls Under 6, Under 8, Under 10, Under 12, Under 14, Under 16 and Under 19. Under 6 teams are co-ed.

What is the minimum age requirement?

Players must be 4 years old on or before July 31st to play in that years Fall season.


As a parent, what can I expect during the season?

In addition to the practices and games, you can look forward to our Opening Day Parade held in early September as well as Picture Day in late September.  Fall teams have End of Season Parties to receive their league provided trophies.  There are no trophies provided for the Spring season.  Coaches will need parents to assist them in passing out information, creating snack schedules, organizing parties, making banners, etc.  Be a team parent!

What type of equipment will my player need?

Players will need to purchase the league uniform, shin guards, cleats and an appropriate size ball for their age group.  You will also need to purchase the team selected sock color once determined by the coach and team.

When do the teams practice?

Practice days, times and locations are determined by the individual coach.  Typically practices are held 2 nights a week in the late afternoon/evening at local fields.

When and where are the games?

Games are generally held on Saturdays, sometimes Sundays due to scheduling and field issues.  Games are held at various locations in Pinole, El Sobrante, Hercules, etc.

When do the Fall and Spring seasons start and end?

The Fall season begins in August and ends in late November.
The Spring season begins in March and ends in late May.


Where do my registration fees go?

The WCCYSL is a non-profit, volunteer run organization.  Fees are spent on the following expenses:  CYSA Membership Fees, Insurance Premiums, Field and Facility Rentals, Equipment Purchase, Referees, Training, Trophies, etc.

Why does the league need a picture and why that size?

The picture is for the required player pass and the player pass is the size of a credit card, therefore we need the picture to be these dimensions.

Why does the league need a copy of my player’s birth certificate to keep?

WCCYSL is required by CYSA (California Youth Soccer Association) to have this information on file for every player for age group verification and placement.

What do I need to register?

All players must submit a COPY of their birth certificate that the league can keep and a current picture with the players FACE between the size of a dime and a quarter (no hats or sunglasses).  This is a perfect use for those extra school pictures.   Please write the players name on the back of the picture. Checks made payable to WCCYSL, credit cards, and cash are accepted for fees.

Why do I have to register my player so early?

The league traditionally registers over 1,000 players each season and the whole process of getting coaches, establishing teams, entering data, making game cards, reserving fields and scheduling games takes time, especially since the people who do all this are volunteers.

When is registration?

Registration for Fall is generally held in the Spring (April/May).  Registration for Spring is held in the Winter (December/January).  Visit our website at in March and November for dates.


I’d like to coach but what is involved and expected?

We always need coaches, without enough coaches; players don’t get to play.   Coaching can be a very rewarding experience.  You don’t have to be a trained coach or even a former soccer player to coach.  As long as you are organized, friendly, and committed, you will make a great coach.  As a coach, you will need to schedule your practices, set up drills and teach your players the game basics, set a good example of commitment and sportsmanship, provide your team with league information regarding the game schedule, events, etc.  We encourage every coach to have an assistant coach as well as a team parent to assist them with the “business” of the team, freeing them to coach.  The league’s primary form of communication is via e-mail and the website, so if you don’t have an email account, find a team parent who does.  We offer training resources to all our coaches and expect them to take advantage of them.  Fellow experienced coaches are always willing to mentor a new coach.  Just ask.

Can I pick my coach?

No, we base player placement several criteria.  We try to balance teams by both experience and geography.  We do provide a “Buddy” option for Under 6 players.  Each coach needs an assistant coach or team manager. You may be able to volunteer for one of those positions. A coach is allowed to keep his assistant coach and team manager if he so chooses.


What is the Competitive Program?

The Competitive Program is for players who exhibit advanced skill and the desire to further their abilities. Competitive players attend try-outs to be placed on teams.  Try-outs are generally held in the Spring and practice and games start in early Summer.  A competitive team is a year-long commitment.   Competitive teams generally travel a short distance for games and tournaments.

What is the Recreational Program?

The Rec Program is an instructional program to build skill, learn to be part of a team, and develop a love of the game.  Recreational players generally play locally against in-house teams (WCCYSL).  Older age groups, Under 12 and above play games against fellow leagues, like Berkeley, Benicia, etc.