FCA Tryout Tips for Parents and Players

FCA understands that tryouts can be a stressful and emotional time for both players & parents. Here are some tips that we hope will make your FCA Tryout an enjoyable experience!


Tryouts can be a stressful experience for you and your child no matter how many they have attended. Here are a few tips that you as a parent can do to help better prepare your child.

Be Prepared

  • Talk with your child about keeping a positive attitude.
  • For the younger children, help create a positive sentence or “buzzword” they can keep in their mind to help relax them
  • Contact the FCA Staff before tryouts with any questions.
  • Help them get ready the night before, eat a good breakfast and get plenty of rest.
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  • The coaching staff may see your child at a different position than you
  • That your child might not be “the big fish in a little pond” at tryouts. Be realistic.
  • They are trying out for the club not for a coach.
  • There is no coaching from the stands.
  • Your child watches you. Keep a positive appearance. Avoid standing with arms
  • folded, yelling at them or the coaches and to cheer them on at all times.


  • Be supportive
  • Remember how you felt trying out for a team. Listen.
  • Refrain from over analyzing the tryout.
  • Refrain from criticizing the FCA Staff.
  • Ask them how they feel, share a laugh and take them out to their favorite restaurant.
  • Tell them you love them and are proud of them!

Finally, realize this tryout was for them and not for you! Help them understand that being cut” is not the end of the world. Michael Jordan got cut in high school! Help them understand this does not mean they are a “loser” or a “bad kid”. Life is not always fair, be honest. Whatever the results, use this time to teach “life lessons”. Above all, be proud of them, tell them you love them and share the experience!


Be Prepared!

  • Get your gear ready the night before!
  • Get a good nights rest!
  • Eat a proper breakfast!
  • Drink plenty of water!
  • Talk with your coach and parents about tryouts.
  • Bring water!
  • Bring a ball!


  • Tryouts are about “showcasing yourself”!
  • Everything you do will send a message to a coach!
  • Being late sends a message!
  • Being early sends a message!
  • Hustling sends a message!
  • Listening sends a message!
  • Not hustling sends a message!
  • Not being flexible about positions sends a message!
  • Saying “Iʼll try!” sends a message!
  • Mistakes happen! Donʼt worry! Play on!


  • Enjoy the experience!
  • Have a positive attitude!
  • Smile! Show you love the game!