FCA Competitive Teams register as group.

WCCYSL FCA Competitive SoccerCompetitive registration is by invitation to those who have attended tryouts. Coaches and/or Team Managers will schedule a date prior to the May 1st deadline to register the entire team. A player that has registered as a Fall rec player should: Make a check out for the difference and follow the ” what to bring” instruction below.

What to Bring:

All players shall be duly registered with WCCYSL before they can participate in League functions. For registration, the following is required:

— A properly completed application form, signed by a parent or guardian – two copies: Original plus Duplicate.
— Competitive Registration Fee of $240 U11 and below, $300 U12-U19.
— A current wallet-sized, color photo in which the player’s face is between the size of a dime and a quarter, taken from the front, wearing no hats, sunglasses, bandannas, etc. Electronic version, photo paper or plain paper only – no plastic or laminated photos accepted.
— A copy of a birth certificate or passport as proof of age – this copy will be kept by the league, for foreign born children, copy of passports are acceptable as proof of age. Hospital , baptismal, etc. certificates are NOT acceptable for our purposes.

PLEASE NOTE: Birth Certificate copies will be kept by the registrar and only need to be submitted by WCCYSL registrants except in special circumstances. Falsification of any paperwork or records shall be grounds for disbarment from further participation and/or membership in WCCYSL.

No copy machine is available at registration.

Cash and checks payable to WCCYSL are accepted.

Refunds: All rates are subject to change. See Parent’s Handbook for the latest update.

Player Level Refund Request Date Dollar Refund
Recreational Prior to 6/15 Full amount paid
Recreational 6/15 to 8/31 Amount paid minus $15.00
Recreational After 9/1 None
Competitive Prior to 5/15 Full amount paid
Competitive 5/15 to 7/31 Amount paid minus $15.00
Competitive After 8/1 None
Spring Prior to 3/1 No refunds given for Spring season.
Spring After 3/1 No refunds given for Spring season.


Refund Policy
Requests for refunds must be made in writing to the Executive Board of Directors. An email request made to any member of the Executive Board
shall suffice.
A full refund will be granted where the league is unable to place a child on a team roster in accordance with the rules for team formation. No request
is necessary – unplaced registrants will be notified by the league.
Prior to August 1st for competitive players or September 1st for recreational players, refunds will be granted routinely for cause only. If
player paperwork has been submitted to District 4, a $20 fee will be withheld. Acceptable cause is limited to:

• player injury or health reasons – doctor’s statement may be requested for verification.
• Moving out of WCCYSL service area.
Prior to August 1st for competitive players or September 1st for recreational players, refunds without cause are subject to approval by a
majority vote of the Board of Directors with the following limitations:
• All no-cause refunds will have $50 withheld to cover paid fees and processing.
• If player paperwork is submitted to District 4, no-cause refunds to competitive players are subject to an additional $50 processing fee.
Refunds after commencement of play (August 1st or September 1st) may be obtained for extraordinary circumstances only and require approval           by 2/3 majority of the Board of Directors. All such refunds will be prorated.

No refunds shall be given for spring season.

Mailing address to request refund:

PO BOX 216
Pinole, CA 94564

Do not forget to include the NAME of the player(s), AMOUNT of request with the REASON for refund. Also be sure to include the return address to mail the refund to.