WCCYSL Field Marshal Program

Mission To support our kids and referees in enjoying the game of soccer in a sporting manner. Goals

  • Support our referees’ ability to officiate soccer games without having to deal with hostile sidelines from parents or coaches. This is particularly important for our youth referees
  • Support our children’s ability to play soccer without having to hear overzealous or negative sidelines from parents or coaches.
  • Be a resource for parents and coaches about appropriate sideline behavior.
  • Support our referees’ authority over the games they officiate especially youth referees)
  • Keep games on schedule


  • Assign self to fields and show up reliably for assigned shifts
  • Before/Between games
    • Meet with referees and offer assistance if needed
    • For U6 games: assist in getting games started and stopped on time
    • For U8 and above games: assist referees as requested in helping games stay on schedule
  • During Games
    • Circulate around the field of play in a pleasant manner, keeping an ear open for problem coaches or parents.
    • Have gentle words with parents or coaches who are negative to remind them to honor the game. Offer “Honor the Game” lollipops to people who need something better to do with their mouths.
    • Recognize and acknowledge good sportsmanship in parents and coaches
    • Support the referees as the only and final arbiter of all decisions relating to the games they are officiating
  • After shifts
    • Report persistent problems to Field Marshal Director by web, email, or phone.
    • Report exemplary sideline behavior to Field Marshal Director
  • Always
    • Have Fun!


  • Help improve the fun of the game for everyone
  • Contribute to our kids’ soccer experience in a meaningful way
  • A couple of hours of light exercise walking around)
  • Sunshine and fresh air
  • Volunteer Appreciation dinner at the end of the year
  • Snazzy reflective bright Field Marshal jacket to make a bold fashion statement
  • Access to lollipops