WCCYSL Hotline (510) 758-5288


Decision to call off all league games due to rain rests with the President with input from the Director of Fields and Director of Referees. Decision will be made as early as possible, preferably the evening before a game day or early morning on game day. If games are not canceled, then the referee on the field, with input from the field marshal, will have the authority to call off games due to rain.

The purpose of call offs is to protect the fields and provide for safety of the players.



  • The President will start the phone tree of notification in the following order:

    1. Director of Web – cancellation of games will be posted on website (and include the date of the cancellation)

    2. Director of Fields

    3. Director of Referees

    4. Director of Coaches – 4 Recreational (U6; U8; U10+ Girls; U9+ Boys)

    5. Director of Coaches – Comp (if applicable)

    6. Director of Schedules (to act as link to other leagues and their rain out process)

    7. Director of Field Marshals


  • Each Director shall notify their respective participants/ areas in methods pre-arranged (for example, referees have historically been notified by email; team coaches are phoned or sent emails – but this should be established pre-season to avoid confusion)
  • The President will place the rain out message on the WCCYSL Hotline 510-758-5288  

    Make Up Games:

    Games canceled due to rain outs are typically not made up. Exceptions shall be brought for board determination, taking into account time of year, availability of fields and resources.


    Members Responsibility:

    Members may check for rain outs on www.wccysl.com or by phoning the hotline at 510-758-5288. Each team should have a phone tree established and notify their players of game cancellation.

    If the team is playing on a non-WCCYSL field, cancellation on our fields, does not necessarily mean the other leagues shall be canceling their games. Please follow their procedure for notification.