Practice Fields for Recreational (D4) Teams

At the Coaches Meeting which starts off every season Recreational Coaches will be told what fields are available for Practices. Coaches will then put in a reservation for a specific time, day, and location for their practices.  The Vice President will maintain a Practice Schedule, and will also to available on

Please work cooperatively with our other teams (including the D1/D3 Competitive Division teams) to share our limited field resources. Note that coaches must release a field to any school program that may have a scheduled event on any of the school fields. Certain fields are not available at specific times or are off limits to our League certain times of the year (such as baseball fields in Spring).

The following fields are often used by WCCYSL Recreational Teams:

  • Hanna Ranch (lower field), Hercules
  • Woodfield Park, Hercules
  • Sheldon Elementary, El Sobrante
  • Murphy Elementary, El Sobrante
  • Tara Hills Elementary, Pinole
  • Lefty Gomez, Rodeo
  • Stewart Elementary, Pinole

The following fields are often used by our Competitive (FCA) Division, but may be open to Recreational teams at certain times:

  • Pinole Valley East, Pinole
  • Pinole Valley West, Pinole
  • Hanna Ranch (upper field), Hercules
  • Crespi, El Sobrante